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PolymPart: The Australian Modern Building Alliance (AMBA), an activity of Chemistry Australia, will promote the benefits of polymers in the Australian construction industry.

New body to promote polymer materials

With polymers a safe and sustainable solution for the building industry, Chemistry Australia wants to raise their profile for window frames, piping, flooring, and insulation.

The polymer products can create more sustainable and energy efficient buildings, according to the AMBA.

Chair of the AMBA, Craig Lovel, said that with energy prices higher, and construction being a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, the use of polymers makes sense.

“In Australia, our buildings account for 19 per cent of the total energy used and 18 per cent of our total direct GHG emissions,” said Lovel.

The first outing for the AMBA was at the 2019 Energy Efficiency Expo. Over two days, the AMBA demonstrated the ability of polymer building products.

“AMBA will shine a light on polymer-based construction products’ ability to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of our buildings,” said Lovel.

“This allows us to deliver safe, sustainable and energy efficient modern buildings as a key part of Australia’s transition to a low-carbon economy.”


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