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خانه news Farsoon and Airbus sign R&D collaboration for polymer 3D printing

Farsoon and Airbus sign R&D collaboration for polymer 3D printing

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Farsoon and Airbus sign R&D collaboration for polymer 3D printing

Chinese additive manufacturing company Farsoon Technologies is teaming up with Airbus Beijing Engineering Centre Co., Ltd. (ABEC) to establish an R&D program for polymer 3D printing in civil aviation. The partnership agreement signals the first time that the aerospace giant has collaborated with a polymer AM specialist from China.

Through the partnership, the companies will leverage Farsoon’s expertise in polymer additive manufacturing to develop a high-performance 3D printable polymer for use in aircraft manufacturing.

The material will be used in combination with Farsoon’s polymer AM platforms (comprising the 252P Series, 403P Series, eForm and most recent HT1001P).

Farsoon and Airbus sign R&D collaboration for polymer 3D printing

Beyond developing the aerospace-grade material, Farsoon will also work closely with Airbus to establish optimized process parameters for the material and its open platform AM systems.

Airbus will be responsible for validating the properties and performance of the AM platform and material to meet civil aviation requirements.

“We are very excited to start this R&D collaboration with Airbus,” stated Dr. Xu Xiaoshu, Founder of Farsoon. “As a leading industrial AM solution provider, Farsoon has been pushing towards the transition of AM applications from prototyping to manufacturing. We believe AM technology will be increasingly used in aerospace & aviation manufacturing. In the future, by joining hands with Airbus, Farsoon will be able to contribute to the full workflow for AM production in civil aviation.”

Founded in 2009, China-based Farsoon Technologies has expanded globally in recent years with offices in North America and Europe.

Since its beginnings the company has placed an important focus on the development of open platform systems, enabling its customers to innovate with its systems and adapt them.

In line with this, the company maintains an “Open for Industry” philosophy through which it partners with companies from various industries to explore new industrial applications for additive manufacturing.

First cooperation in polymer AM industry

“It is the first time for Airbus to cooperate with Chinese company in polymer AM industry,” said Michel Tran Van, General Manager of ABEC. “Airbus has been keep toned with the development of the AM technology, and we are impressed by Farsoon’s capability of innovation and industrial focus.

“Airbus is looking for more than the performance of new material. We need to keep in mind what industrializing AM needs, including workflows development, cost management, industrial manufacturing capabilities and speed. With the same goal of industrialization, I look forward to the R&D results of this collaboration, and I believe we will carry out more cooperation in the future.”


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