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Introduction to Polymer Science and Technology

نویسنده: Mustafa Akay
  ژانر: Polymer
کتاب ساختار پلیمر و دانش و تکنولوژی


  1. Introduction
    1. History of the development of polymers
    2. Why a clear understanding of material is important?
    3. What can be achieved by appropriate selection of polymer-based materials?
    4. What makes polymers versatile?
  2. Polymerisation
    1. Polymerisation mechanisms
    2. Polymerisation processes
    3. Polymerisation reactors
    4. Catalysts
    5. Molecular weight and molecular weight distributions
    6. Self-assessment questions
    7. Polymer processing
    8. Concept of rheology
    9. Processing and forming thermoplastics
    10. Processing and forming thermosetting polymers
    11. Self-assessment questions
  3. Microstructure
    1. Stereoregularity
    2. Morphology in semi-crystalline thermoplastics
    3. Degree of crystallinity
    4. Crosslinking
    5. Copolymer arrangements
    6. Domain structures
    7. Degree of molecular orientation
    8. Self-assessment questions
  4. Behaviour of polymers
    1. Degradation of Polymers
    2. Viscoelasticity
    3. Relaxation transitions
    4. Self-assessment questions
  5. Mechanical properties
    1. Introduction
    2. Tensile properties
    3. Flexural properties
    4. Compressive properties
    5. Shear properties
    6. Hardness
    7. Impact properties and fracture toughness
    8. Bearing strength
    9. Environmental stress cracking
    10. Fatigue and wear
    11. Self-assessment questions
  6. Thermal properties
    1. Differential scanning calorimetry
    2. Thermogravimetric analysis
    3. Thermomechanical analysis
    4. Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis
    5. Determination of softening temperature
    6. Self-assessment questions
  7. References

About the Author

Dr Mustafa Akay is a retired Senior Lecturer from the School of Engineering at the University of Ulster. He obtained the degrees of BSc and PhD from UMIST, and previously worked at Donald Macpherson & Co Ltd., Bury; Viking Pulp and Paper Mill, Izmir, and the Middle East Technical University, Ankara. His research interests include processing and mechanical and thermal properties of polymeric materials. Research activities have enabled industrial collaboration with companies such as ICI, Wilton, and Short Brothers, Belfast. Dr Akay has supervised numerous MSc and DPhil students and acted as external examiner for undergraduate courses, MSc, MPhil and PhD theses for various higher education establishments. He has published many journal/conference papers and has reviewed/refereed books and technical papers for various publishers/publications, such as Prentice Hall, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Composites, Journal of Materials Science, Polymer Engineering and Science and Journal of Biomechanical Engineering.




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