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PoymPart: As reported by StatNano, the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and Samsung were at the forefront of nanotechnology patent holders at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in 2018, while Nanotek Instruments Inc. topped the list in terms of holding the largest share of nanotechnology patents in the total patents issued by the very company during the past year.

Top 20

The USPTO is recognized as one of the most reputable patent offices on a global scale. According to the statistical data collected by the Orbit Database during 2018, a total of ۱۹,۷۷۳ nanotechnology patents were filed at this patent office; 8,493 of which were granted patents, and 11,280 were published patent applications.

Considering the scores achieved for both granted patents and published patent applications, IBM with the greatest number of nanotechnology patents at the USPTO in 2018 ranked first among all patent holders. This American company operates in various fields of software and hardware, and provides hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Samsung Display Co., Ltd., two spin-offs of the Samsung Group, followed IBM on the list, respectively holding the second and third highest scores. These three companies had also ranked first to third in the exact same order at the USPTO in 2017.

Nanotechnology Top 20

The following table demonstrates the top 20 companies that obtained the highest scores for their both granted patents and published patent applications in the field of nanotechnology at the USPTO during 2018. The share of nanotechnology patents in the total patents filed by each company can also be seen in the table, which indicates that around ۹۴% of the patents issued by Nanotek Instruments, Inc. were in the field of nanotechnology, in as far as it can be considered as a company particularly specializing in nanotechnology.

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Following Nanotek Instruments, Inc., Tsinghua University with 43.75% and MIT with 20.8% had the second and third largest nanotechnology patent shares of their own total patents.

Top 20 Nano Technology

Source: https://statnano.com/index.php?ctrl=news&action=news_pdf&id=64670&lang=2

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